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Dear ENVIRONMENTALIST: if you have concerns about the environmental impact of my collecting please visit this page. I am pretty sure that I am at least as passionate about butterfly conservation as you are, and that we are actually on the same team.


For me, collecting butterflies is very much linked to travelling the world. I have specimens from almost every place I ever visited. Some of these journeys are dedicated collecting trips, other are family vacations, and some are short getaways from business travel. Here are some recent accounts:

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2010 (Yoko)
2018 (Dja reserve)
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2011 Thailand
P8230268.jpg (2055743 bytes)
2011 Laos
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2012 Sumatra & Java
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2012 Hokkai-do
IMG_5474.jpg (1185262 bytes)
2012 Guyana
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2013 Colombia
Madagascar_07262013_0017.jpg (1887666 bytes)
2013 Magagascar
Raja Ampat_28122013_0004.jpg (2491682 bytes)
2013 West Indonesia
Aug022014_5505.jpg (1541145 bytes)
2014 Brazil
Indonesia_20141223_010.jpg (1128385 bytes)
2014-19 Maluku Utara
Mindanao_06082015015.jpg (1966426 bytes)
2015 Philippines
Africa_08032015363.jpg (1154593 bytes)
2015 Rwanda & Uganda
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2016 Iquitos (Peru)
 Taipei_06-09-2016_16.jpg (1145331 bytes)
2016 Formosa
French Guiana-09112020-282.jpg (446802 bytes)
2020 French Guiana


Below are some random collecing photos, together with the specimens collected:

P4210201.JPG (204554 bytes)P6010068.JPG (624809 bytes)
My son Michael and dog Arnie collecting in Cherokee NF (Tennessee, USA) in 2007: Papilio apalachiensis
P8160023-1.JPG (649591 bytes)P4280093.JPG (447922 bytes)
My wife Ksenia and I during a walk in teh mountains around Luzern, shortly after our move to Switzerland in 2009: Erebia manto
P1191764.JPG (340137 bytes) P5230071 (2).JPG (559008 bytes)
Dusty roadside in Khanapur, Karnataka, India, Jan. 2008: Delias eucharis
P3030020.JPG (721243 bytes) P3020050.JPG (643919 bytes)
My crashed rental car near Ringlet, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, March 2009: Trogonoptera brookiana
DSC04681.JPG (700129 bytes)P4260091 (2).JPG (449113 bytes)
Monte Fitzroy, Patagonia, Argentina, 2007: Cosmosatyrus chiliensis
DSC02218.JPG (228021 bytes) P2160074.JPG (456766 bytes)
Monkey island on Rio Madre de Dios, Peru, 2004:Callicore peristera
P8210234.JPG (542267 bytes)IMG_1567.JPG (275519 bytes)
With a motorbike, I was able to cover a lot of ground and visit many habitats in Laos in 2011. Besides, riding on dirt roads turned out to be a buslaod of fun: Euploea camaralzeman
DSCN0125.JPG (1210589 bytes)IMG_0193.JPG (574158 bytes)
2km nort of the Rio Amazonas, 12km on the "kilometros" road from Leticia, Colombia 2013.: Hyposcada illinissa ilerdinoides
P1040092.JPG (706359 bytes)PC110217.JPG (636899 bytes)
This bait trap on Tobago is full of Calpinae moths! The safest way to remove them is with a killing jar. January 2009: Thysania zenobia
P4162628.JPG (473224 bytes)P5160086.JPG (579361 bytes)
Waterfront in Baturube, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Resting after a brutal trek through the rainforest. April 2008: Idea blanchardii
P3100127.JPG (504839 bytes)P6070069.JPG (453201 bytes)
Light collecting 100km from the nearest street light in Cameroon, 2010: Nephele rosae
DSC01337.JPG (546715 bytes)DSC01357.JPG (255087 bytes)
Black Canyon, Gila National Forest, New Mexico 2003: Speyeria nokomis
DSC00892.JPG (534526 bytes)P2200080.JPG (516652 bytes)
Overgrown Inca trail near Mapiri Bolivia, 2003: Caerois geryonides
DSC01242.JPG (504101 bytes)P5310079 (3).JPG (691187 bytes)
13,00ft near Keystone, CO, 2003: Parnassiuns clodius hermodur
osa1.JPG (472938 bytes)P5110084.JPG (338968 bytes)
Corcovado national park, Costa Rica, 2002: Catonephele mexicana
DSC03415.JPG (512704 bytes)P2250078 (2).JPG (403791 bytes)
My sons Alex and Michael with me at the Maia ruins, Aguateka, Guatemala, 2006: Chlosyne gaudealis
DSC04620.JPG (610272 bytes)P2210080.JPG (411206 bytes)
My sons Alex and Michael and my daughter Natacha in Copan, Honduras, 2007:  Siproeta stelenes
DSC03172.JPG (276776 bytes) PC120220.JPG (641706 bytes)
Eucalyptus forest near Tin Can Bay, Australia, 2005: Donuca obligea
IMG_0591.JPG (461533 bytes)P2030025.JPG (752205 bytes)
Setting up a trap near the Koh Ra Eco Lodge during a family vacation in Thailand (2011): Zeuxidia amethystus
IMG_5484.JPG (904017 bytes)IMG_6046.JPG (620644 bytes)
Near Annai, on the bank of Rio Rupuruni, in Guyana in 2012. Here the rainforest abruptly ends and the savanna takes over: Pseudolycaena marsyas .

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